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Office inspiration

Get Organised

As the old saying goes, a tidy space = a clear head. So get organised. Whether it’s with wire shelving, book shelves, filing cabinets or even old crates stacked up – get creative in the ways you sort your work. In theory everything should have its place (this is definitely something I could do with practicing rather than preaching).

Keep inspired

Pin those ideas up and keep em up! A pin board should be in every office full of magazine clippings, inspiring images and quotes, reminders and anything that keeps you motivated.

Invest in good stationary

Remember how excited we all used to get with our new stationery in the first September back to school? Well our love of stationery shouldn’t end in our school days. I’ve recently rediscovered mine and how being set up at your desk with all the right utensils (and nice ones at that) can drive you to get sh*t done.

Flowers & Candles

Will make your desk look and smell delectable.

Choosing the right chair

Coming from someone who’s suffered from back problems for years, having the right chair and desk at work should be a priority for everybody. Invest in a comfortable chair with enough back support and padding and stay well clear of wooden chairs. Remember you want to be comfortable at work but not too comfortable.​

Make it fun

​Seeing as most of us can be at our desks 8 hours plus a day, you might as well make it fun. Your workspace should reflect you in one way or another and should be some where you want to spend your time. Splurge on a nice light, clip photos to bunting or get a copper theme going.

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