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A Day with… Krista & Lindsey

Today we are joined by founders of the top-rated lifestyle podcast, Almost 30. LA based best friends, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik started the podcast initially when they were both transitioning from their 20s to 30s. Now both in their 30s, the podcast concept has become so much more than that. With help from some inspiring guests, they discuss all things wellness, self development, entrepreneurship and spirituality. And with over 6 million downloads, it’s no wonder we look forward to their latest installments every Tuesday and Thursday in the VBH office.

Krista lives in Santa Monica in a two-bedroom apartment she has shared with her boyfriend, Justin for just under a year. ‘With lots of light and beautiful trees creating a cozy space on our balcony, our home kind of feels like a tree house- which I love. No pets, but I tend to attract neighbourhood cats, who I love very much.’ Lindsey has lived in West Los Angeles in a bright one bedroom apartment for just over two years. ‘I have a really cool retro blue fireplace and a balcony that backs up to a family of Eucalyptus trees that are home to tons of birds and squirrels who make me happy every day. I live by myself, if you don’t count the 15 different plants that call this place home as well!’

Could you start by introducing yourselves?

Lindsey: Hi Venice Beach House Community! We are Krista and Lindsey of the top-rated Almost 30 Podcast, which we founded when we were transitioning from our 20’s to our 30’s. It was a time of major life transitions and we figured we couldn’t be the only one’s experiencing the doubts and the fears and the excitement, so we wanted to invite others to listen in, contribute, and feel less alone and more empowered to own this time. We are both now in our 30’s–31 to be exact. But what we realized is that no matter what age you are, transitional times are inevitable. So we want to provide the inspiration, laughs, and community to help you get through any type of transition as the best version of YOU!

Lindsey (left) and Krista

How do you start your mornings and ease your way into the day?

Krista: While the sequence of my mornings changes regularly, I do start my day with two things no matter what. When I wake up, I lay in bed next to Justin and allow myself to feel the deep love and gratitude I have for him. With my hand over my heart, I’ll think about a few things I love most about him today, kiss him on the cheek, and then get up! Then I meditate. Meditation has completely changed my life. I’m able to see my thoughts instead of become my thoughts. What follows these two practices is usually a warm elixir or lemon water, a workout or light movement and stretching, and a gratitude practice-usually simple journaling.

Lindsey: I make sure to sleep with my phone outside of my bedroom. Lately, the sound of birds has been waking me up, which is a totally underrated alarm clock. I then get up and boil water for my special elixir. While that is slowly boiling, I will meditate to 432 hz music for 5-10 minutes. I make my elixir of Vital Proteins Collagen Coconut Creamer, Four Sigmatic Coffee, Laird Superfood creamer (yes I love my drinks creamy! and cinnamon. While drinking, I do a daily Tarot card pull and write down a few things I’m super grateful for today. All the while the birds are chirping and the sun is coming up. Mornings are so sacred to me. The morning practice serves as my anchor for the rest of the day.

What does a typical work day involve?

Krista: Every day is a little different here at Almost 30 HQ. Some days are for recording interviews and other content for the podcast, others are for events/speaking/networking, some days are strictly admin and others are strictly creative. We love scheduling in White Space days where we don’t have anything scheduled and allow the space for creative ideas to come through or to let our brains rest. When you own a business, it is really, REALLY hard to turn your brain off. But if you want to be in it for the long game and at your best, like we do, it is best to rest and recharge so that the new can generate and the old can be re-imagined.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur? Any tips for keeping a clear head and a zen workspace?

Lindsey:I’ll speak for both of us when I say that our work space is super important to us. We do energy clearings with sage and Palo Santo, bells, and 432 hz healing music on the regular. We have a lot of energy coming in and out of the office/studio. 

Your last adventure and your next? 

Krista: I recently went to Coachella- but did it adult style! I stayed in an actual bed, ate super healthy food, hydrated properly, slept 8+ hours every night, took my vitamins, enjoyed time with friends, and saw a bunch of incredible performances. Coachella is also where I fell in love with my boyfriend, Justin, 6 years ago!

Favourite book?

Krista: I just read Energy Medicine by Jill Blakeway and could not put it down. I’m currently studying reiki and this book has helped me to articulate energetics to people in my life who want to better understand. She bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a funny, insightful, and digestible way.

Lindsey: I love keeping the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks at my bedside for poignant reminders around my self-doubt and limiting beliefs. His anecdotes and straightforward explanation brings me back to presence and practice.

Any inspiring Instagram accounts for us to follow? 

Krista: @i_weigh – Jameela Jamil is my idol. For all things body positivity and anti-shame.

Lindsey: @geoffreywalk – he and his wife are the cutest people on planet earth. Their love is contagious and they’ve reminded me to find the joy in the smallest, most simple things.

How do you maintain work/life balance whilst running your own business?

Krista: We don’t like to romanticise balance. When you start and run a business, the reality is that your life becomes imbalanced. The business is your baby, which requires a lot of time and attention in order to grow. We do, though, commit to self-care practices so that we can show up for everyone in our lives, business and personal, as our best selves. Any time we feel out of whack, we make sure that we have satisfied our basic needs: restful sleep, hydration and nutritional nourishment. We are kind to ourselves when it all gets a little messy and we are sure to live and connect from a place of gratitude in every moment.

Favourite workout?

Krista: I’m loving megaformer pilates lately. The slow, focused movements, help me to be in my body and channel my energy to that specific muscle group. I feel really strong! 

Lindsey: I’ve been loving a really solid Hot Vinyasa lately. I’ve made an effort to slow down, stretch and breath more often. This workout is that, plus a super detoxifying sweat.

What’s next for the Almost 30 podcast?

Krista: SO MUCH! Where to begin? We just launched our Almost 30 Ambassador program, which is empowering women to create community where they are. We have 70 ambassadors all over the world! Join our “Secret Facebook Group” and then check to see if your city or region has a sub group to join! Your newest best friends are waiting for you.

Also, do you or someone you know want to start a podcast? We created Your Podcast Pro– a hub for all of your podcast needs. In addition to valuable downloadables to help you with everything from pitching brands to finding your voice, we will also be launching our next bundle of courses at the end of the summer! 

Lindsey: And we are currently on our 2019 world tour! Our intention is to connect with as many women in our community as possible through Live shows and 360 wellness workshops with some of our favorite podcast guests. ALERT THE MEDIA! We will be in London May 2nd-May 12th and are hosting 3 incredible events with 3 incredible women. Visit more information! We would LOVE to meet you.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

Krista: I love spending time with my person, Justin. I can be wild and free, playful and messy, spontaneous and weird. Just ME. I make sure that I am as present as possible, which means no phone, no e-mails, and no judgement. My heart opens immediately and my nervous system calms quickly. It’s sacred time for us.

Lindsey:At the end of the day, I love to do any or all of the following: sing, cook a delicious dinner, watch a nature documentary, read, stretch, and take a sunset walk. I like to keep it simple and attainable. My body will tell me what I need. I’m smart enough now, at 31, to listen every time!

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