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A Day with… Cydney Morris

We spent the day with Stone Cold Fox designer & founder, Cydney Morris. Not only are her and her fashion brand the epitome of California Boho-chic, but she has a real eye for interior design. Through her latest endeavour, The Foxalow, we’ve followed her every move as she documents her home renovation in none other than Venice Beach. We spent the day with Cydney, to find out how she starts and ends her day, the little things that keep her driven and what makes her creative juices flow. Another badass female entrepreneur with a serious work ethic. Cydney is 32 and has lived in her house in Venice Beach for two years with her husband Ollie.

How do you start your mornings and ease your way into the day?

My Alarm goes off at 6:20 every morning, but I probably don’t actually get out of bed until 6:45. I turn on the Rocket Apartamento Espresso machine and wait for it to warm up. Put big warm socks on, kiss my husband 102 times and brush my teeth. I work out every morning at 7 or 8, so I get straight into workout clothes. I drink my coffee and try not to check emails or look at my phone too much before my workout so I can have a little time to myself. I love huge sweaters in the morning on the way to workout and really love that time of day to kick start my energy.  

What does a typical work day involve?

After I workout and shower, I like to make breakfast quickly at home – Avocado toast usually or eggs. My commute is about 15 minutes away from my house and I sometimes  make a quick stop at Erewhon to pick up a salad for lunch. I always listen to the Goop Podcast, I dabble in a few murder mystery podcasts, KCRW or sometimes a little Tony Robbins in doses. I get to work at ten, and dive straight in. Emails, meetings, fittings, designing, research, photoshoots, etc. I don’t take lunch breaks, I just eat at my desk, which I’m sure isn’t healthy but my zen time is my morning workout.

I always have our SONOS on, and as nerdy as it sounds, I listen to jazz all day. Sometimes i’ll put on classic blues, but jazz just makes me feel good. I don’t think the other girls in the office agree always. But it’s nice to have soothing music for me to work. Later in the day well put on a good Pandora station to bring the energy up! I finish work out 6.30/7 depending on the day and love to go home to make dinner with my husband. I work a lot on my interiors clients at night when I get home. My brain is very active and I really love working at home so sometimes I get most of my work done late at night. It’s probably why I have a hard time sleeping sometimes!

What advice would you give aspiring female entrepreneurs? Any tips for keeping a clear head and a zen workspace?

We’re all girls at the office, and I’ve had really large teams in my career and really small teams. It’s always important to communicate and support each other to keep the energy positive in the workspace. If any of us are not getting along you can cut the tension with a knife, so we really try to keep it positive at work. We put out soooo many fires all day everyday, that sometimes things bring you down and it’s good to have a support system. I also strongly encourage windows. I always have to have an office with a lot of natural light, it makes me happy. I find that this day in age with all the social media we put so much pressure on ourselves to have everything because it looks like everyone else has everything. Something I am trying to teach myself is to slow down and be happy with the things you have.

Your last adventure and your next?

My last adventure was probably my wedding in Australia in March. We did a week long event showing everyone around Sydney and ended it with the best day of my life. Next up is our honeymoon in Portugal and Mallorca in September, I can’t wait. I am obsessed with interiors and blue and white, so I can’t wait to visit all the markets.

Current favourite song, book and film?

Song- Seabird by Alessi Brothers. Book- I am re-reading Anthony Bourdain’s book. Film- A Bigger Splash

Any inspiring Instagram accounts for us to follow?

This is hard I follow a lot of inspiring people! @whiteflowerfarmhouse, @stone_cold_fox, @the_foxalow, @businessandpleasure_co, @yoliandotis, @archdigest, @all.sorts.of, @sproutedkitchen @leanneford

How do you maintain work/life balance whilst running your own business?

I wish I knew a better way to maintain it, I’m still learning every day. It’s really hard, but also so rewarding. I make sure I am home with my husband at night and enjoy him, and I make sure I see my girlfriends and have wild nights with them too. But I really love being at home early in the week to feel settled and catch up and have my head really clear. The older I get, the harder life gets, but you start to realize so many little things don’t matter and find a great balance in what works for you.

Favourite workout?

Boxing, hot sculpt yoga and spin. I switch off with all three of those every day of the week. I really need to work out to clear my head. I also love to get a hike in on weekends when possible to get outside for a great view. It’s a nice break from an intense gym.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

When I get home I love to cook, we make grilled salmon a lot and a big salad or soup. I love to have wine or a tequila on the rocks most nights. Just one when I get home. I try really hard to turn off electronics. I love mindless reality tv sometimes (guilty) and I love, love, love home improvement shows on HGTV. Sometimes i’ll have a date night with my husband, we love to sit at bars and chat about everything under the sun. I at least once or twice a week have dinner with my girlfriends and catch up on life, it always ends with one too many wines. When I renovated my house we had to take out the bath to build a big shower and now I really miss baths. I’m hoping this year I can put a vintage claw foot bathtub outside on my deck so I can enjoy them. I go to bed at 11pm. I light my lavender diffuser every night and drink a huge fresh lemon water before bed. My guilty pleasure is Honey Mamas peppermint chocolate!

Interiors: @thefoxalow

Brand: @stonecoldfox

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