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A Day with… Pearl Lowe

We were lucky enough to have breakfast with Pearl at Kettner’s Townhouse to celebrate the launch of her new book, Faded Glamour. We’ve long been fans of the singer turned designer with her distinctive style and quirky interiors. With Pearl being an advocate for mostly buying antique or using reclaimed materials where possible, it’s clear she is someone that has always been wary of her carbon-footprint. This evidently has passed on in the family, with her daughter Daisy in tow before heading off to the Extinction Rebellion climate march.

Not only has Pearl just launched a new collection for her womenswear brand, vintage inspired dresses handmade by local seamstresses in Somerset. She has been working on a book, ‘Faded Glamour’, giving us a sneak-peek inside her stunning Georgian home along with the homes of her creative friends. It is the ultimate interior inspiration book. She’s even launched a wallpaper collection with Woodchip & Magnolia and there’s even talks of her own candle range. Is there anything this woman can’t do? We stepped a day in the life of Pearl to see how she juggles her various businesses and how she calms her busy mind at the end of a long day.

Pearl is 49 and has lived in a rambling Georgian house in Frome, Somerset for almost 3 years. She lives with her husband Danny, three of her four children Alfie, Frankie & Betty plus their two dogs Angie & Debbie.

How do you start your mornings and ease your way into the day? 

Our alarm goes off at 7.30am and we get our youngest daughter Betty up for school. After she’s had breakfast, I drop her off and then I go to our local swimming pool for a swim & steam. Then I go back to my studio to work. If I have meetings in London, then I catch the 10am train. I always wear a butterfly necklace that my best friend Zoe bought me from Annina Vogel. I also now only wear the dresses I design for my own brand. Simply because they work for my body shape.

What does a typical day involve? 

My life is very varied, it changes constantly. I do have a studio, where I work with my assistant. That usually involves choosing fabrics, meeting our seamstresses, updating the website. I don’t eat breakfast, but we often go to the local Poke cafe called Nook, which is delicious and healthy. I like working in silence. I think this is because my brain is so busy.

What advice would you give aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

Listen to your gut. If you have an idea, do not let anybody sway you. Keep going, even when it seems challenging or when the odds seem against you. Often when I want to give up, something wonderful happens that makes it all seem worthwhile.

Homeware shops and market recommendations? 

I love antiques, so I buy a lot of stuff on eBay, Etsy, The Hoarde & Decorative Collective.

Favourite market find? 

I have so many. Recently, I picked up a wonderful portrait for my husband’s birthday, which was painted in the painter’s own blood.

Your last adventure and your next? 

I recently went to Ibiza with my best friend and my husband, which was so much fun. I’m about to go to Los Angeles with my daughter Daisy for work.

Current favourite song, book and film?

I’m obsessed with Nick Cave’s ‘Spinning song’. My favourite book that I’ve read was Inheritance by Dani Shapiro, it was completely gripping. My favourite film I’ve seen recently was Blinded by the light. Such a great story.

Any inspiring Instagram accounts us to follow?

I love following interior designers & antique dealers on Instagram, I love Mad about the house, Ben Pentreath & Three Angels in Brighton & Dighaushizzle

How do you maintain work/life balance whilst running your own business ? 

Swimming really helps, it’s my meditation. I try and get 8 hours sleep every night, otherwise I’m quite useless the next day. I try and switch off my phone at 6pm to spend time with my husband and kids.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

If we go out, it’s usually to a friends for supper or we go to a local restaurant. In Autumn we love being curled up on the sofa in front of the fire watching a great movie or box set. I will always have a Dyptique candle lit and a fresh ginger tea. I’m not that into cooking, so my husband who is, will often cook something wonderful for us all.

All photography is by Amy Neunsinger from Pearl’s new book ‘Faded Glamour’ which is available to purchase online

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